• [3A01]Turkey Girl

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  • Turkey Girl

    retold by Lesli Favor

    illustrated by Juan Bautista Juan Oliver

  • Turkey Girl

    retold by Lesli Favor illustrated by Juan Bautista Juan Oliver

  • Long ago, there was a young girl who
    herded turkeys for her whole village.
    She worked very hard.


  • Turkey Girl rose early each day.
    She let the turkeys out of their pens.
    She led them into the hills to search
    for food. Each night she led them home.


  • One day there was big news. In four
    days, there was to be a Dance to
    Honor the Eagle. The dance would help
    bring rain and wealth to the village.
    People began to get ready.


  • Turkey Girl led her turkeys into the
    hills. She told them she longed to
    see the beautiful dance. But she had
    no fine clothes.


  • The day of the dance came.
    People put on fine clothes and
    crowns of eagle feathers.


  • Turkey Girl told her birds how sad she
    was. She could not go to the dance.
    Then the largest turkey spoke to her.


  • "You have been faithful and kind
    to us," said the turkey. "Now we will
    help you. Give us your dirty dress.
    Put it on the ground."


  • Then the turkey pecked at the dress.
    He brushed it with his feathers.
    The dress looked beautiful!


  • The turkeys stood around Turkey Girl.
    They brushed her with their wings.


  • Then one turkey began to cough.
    He coughed up a beautiful necklace.
    "It is a gift for you," he said.


  • "One more thing," said the large turkey.
    "You must leave the dance before dark.
    Come back to us. Lead us home."

    "I will not forget you!" cried Turkey Girl.


  • At the Dance to Honor the Eagle,
    Turkey Girl danced with joy. She
    watched the special eagle dancers,
    and she ate fine food. She listened
    to the music of the drums.


  • Suddenly Turkey Girl remembered
    the turkeys. With a cry, she ran
    from the dance.


  • Turkey Girl looked all night.
    But she did not find the turkeys.


  • Turkey Girl cried. "I forgot my friends
    and now they are gone," she said.


  • What happens in this story?

    Make Inferences

    How does Turkey Girl feel at the end of the story?